The price of high-strength API 5L psl2 X52 mechanical proeprties in China


Our team is a dynamic, but also mature and steady team. The talents are made of different ages. There are experienced ones, and also creative ones, that also makes our company culture diversified. We have complete department structure, to make the whole work procedure run smoothly. For every step, we have special person to be in charge and responsible for our customer and update information to the customer in time. So you just need not worry too much to purchase steel materials from our company.

IS 2062 E450 BR plates which have the quality of good tensile strength, excellent thickness, good elongation, good yield strength. We provide high-end finished products which have accurate dimensions, good durability i.e complete customer satisfaction. Our api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties plates have different applications in a number of industries such as paper, chemical, natural gas, cement industries, oils, shipbuilding etc.

Buy Steel Cut to Size api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties - Price and Order Online13*2970*9800, 20*2125*7500, 16*2000*000, 20.5*1600*6250, 13*2880*9500, 25*3700*5000, 25*1301*4000, 20.5*1600*6250, 12.5*1730*14930, 20*3500*7320, 20*2100*8950, 21.5*2590*6900, 12.5*1970*14100, 20*1680*5580, 32*1301*6600, 24*2715*7800, 30*2830*7100, 12.5*1750*14050, 23*2050*5110, 20.5*1301*4000, 22*3860*8240, 22.5*1820*4700, 16*2500*000, 34*1301*4000, 25.5*3920*5190, 28*2600*6500, 28*1550*4000."

45# steel is commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel. The steel api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties is generally cold plastic, annealing and normalizing are slightly better than quenching and tempering, with higher strength and better machinability. After proper heat treatment, 45# carbon steel can certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance can be obtained. 45# steel normalizing can improve the cutting performance of roughness less than 160HBS.

Respect customers and treat each other sincerely. Customers are always right. Always remember that the user is the God of the enterprise, respect the customer, and accept the customer's opinion modestly is the guarantee of the long-term development of the enterprise. Adhere to this concept, so that the service and the product are the same, long-term.

The company has sufficient stocks and complete specifications. The common carbon steel plates, marine plates, api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties and storage tank steel plates sold are all produced by large state-owned steel companies such as Shougang, Hegang, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, with quality assurance and worry-free after-sales. The company develops and grows under the concept of seeking innovation in stability and advancing with the times for development. After a short period of development, it has begun to take shape.

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