Hot rolled api 5l psl2 x56 plate application elongation data


For the estimation in April and the second quarter, the estimation on March 16 is still valid, but the decrease in April is 10% higher than the neutral prediction. It is a conservative estimation based on 10% for the high probability event. In the second quarter, the output of overseas pig iron will be reduced by 11.67 million tons, affecting the demand for api 5l PSL2 x56 plate application iron ore of about 1.84 million tons; in the first half of the year, the output will be reduced by 18.899 million tons, affecting the demand for iron ore of 32.13 million tons.

Considering the large workload of allocation and transportion for our steel materials, we have built special shipping department, and make it independent form transportation department. The transportation department is in charge of transporting steel materials from our mill and warehouse to the port, and our shipping department is in charge of the shipping matters. So that our whole shipping efficiency is improved, and shorten time for customers to receive goods.

Wear-resistant plates are very easy to understand from the literal. They are steel plates designed for large-area wear conditions. Because of its outstanding wear resistance, wear plates have their own unique uses, such as mining machinery and equipment. Ore processing, transportation of ore, ore and equipment often produce severe friction. api 5l PSL2 x56 plate application, General steel plates cannot be subjected to friction for a long time and are easily damaged. Wear plates are very effective in solving this problem.

Steel transportation because of the special material of api 5l PSL2 x56 plate application steel, is a metal with "iron" as the main basic element, small volume and large weight, and easy to oxidize and rust when contacting with air and rain water, so there are many precautions in the transportation of steel. There are 11 proverbs for steel transportation: "evenly placed, moisture-proof and rust proof". Our company chooses the logistics aspect to be very rigorous, takes the customer's request as the standard, guarantees the steel product quality.

The research methods of isothermal treatment of api 5l PSL2 x56 plate application, wear-resistant plate include many excellent technologies, such as optical microscope, transmission electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer and electron backscatter diffraction technology. With the increase of annealing temperature, the proportion of ferrite in wear-resistant plate will gradually decrease, and bainite will increase, while the retained austenite will be distributed in ferrite grain boundary and crystal in elliptical and fine strip shape.

Our products have perfect after-sales system to protect the interests of customers. At the same time, we can according to api 5l PSL2 x56 plate application customer's requirements, processing requirements, cutting technical requirements, etc., to develop detailed solutions for customers, so as to make customers 100% satisfied. If you have any requirements and needs, please contact us in time.

After sales service support personnel pay attention to commitment in their work. In the process of people to people communication, mutual trust is an important factor for the long-term and stable communication. After sales service personnel must do what they say in the process of communication with customers.

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