High quality api 5l psl2 x60 steel usage manufacture


Steel cutting treatment BBN STEEL can cut various machine tool side plates, special-shaped parts, flanges, bearing seats, embedded parts and other supporting materials for various mechanical engineering, pressure vessels and other supporting materials according to customer drawings, and undertake all kinds of steel plate processing services. High-strength low-alloy plate series, normal carbon plate series, die steel series, boiler and pressure vessel steel, api 5l PSL2 x60 steel usage, pipeline steel, wind power steel, wear-resistant steel and other high-end steel plates.

Microalloying is one of the characteristics of the alloy design of new api 5l PSL2 x60 steel usage pipeline steels. The elements such as niobium, vanadium and titanium are formed by the addition of carbonitRIDE. The properties of the new pipeline steels are better than those of the traditional pipeline steels by refining the grain size, changing the phase transformation kinetics and the desolution behavior of solute atoms in the state of susaturation.

Due to the surge in business volume in recent years. In addition to coordinating our own truck fleet, our logistics department has continuously developed high-quality logistics companies and signed long-term cooperation agreements. While enjoying the professional and fast service of logistics companies, we have significantly reduced transportation costs. That not only ensure our customers receive the goods at the same time, but also help them reduce shipping costs.

This is the second year we have been golden supplier on Alibaba. Over the decades, we have accumunited rich customer resources and have established stable copperation with many customers all over the world. So we did not reply on api 5l PSL2 x60 steel usage B2B platforms. But with the development of the company and the increasing of the company reputation, it is necessery for us to open up more channels for customers to reach us.

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