API 5L psl2 X52 mechanical proeprties 2021 spot in uk


For pipeline steel, api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties, in addition to the required strength and plasticity indicators, the requirements for toughness indicators are one of its outstanding features, including the impact energy of the steel plate, the impact transition temperature and the toughness indicators of the welding heat affected zone and the weld metal. In addition, there are also index requirements such as strain aging, weldability, and stress corrosion.

High-strength steel plates have the following characteristics. First, the strength is high, the bearing capacity is very good, and it is not easy to break. Second, compared with other steel plates under the same strength requirements, high-strength steel plates are lighter and thinner, which can effectively reduce the weight of structures. Third, the api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties, high-strength steel plates are required to be safe and reliable, able to withstand complete disasters such as water, fire, earthquake, storm, etc., to protect people's safety.

api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties stock increased rapidly. The social stock of five kinds of steel products (screw steel, wire rod, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil and medium and heavy plate) in major cities in China was 8.12 million tons at the end of January and 19.05 million tons at the end of February. By the middle of March, the social inventory was 20 million tons, an increase of 13.18 million tons or 193.3% over the end of December last year.

Medium and thick plates api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties are mostly used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc. Medium and thick plates can also be used to make all kinds of containers, furnace shells, furnace plates, automobile static steel plates and so on. Among them, shipbuilding steel plate is used to make marine and inland ships. The shipbuilding steel plate api 5l PSL2 X52 mechanical proeprties is required to have high strength, plasticity, toughness, good cold bending performance, welding performance and corrosion resistance.

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